Market Crash Helmets on Tight -

Are you a swing or position trader and want to learn how to sell simple Credit Spreads around sideways/choppy patterns without having to pick the market direction?

We sell bull and bear credit spreads all the time when we start with a bullish or bearish bias.

Today’s show will show you how we find, place, and manage the sideways/choppy patterns to sell Iron Condors on to profit in rangebound markets while the majority are getting bounced around.

Tune into this week’s Master Trader Live on 9/5/18 at 12 ET to learn:

• The why and how of selling bull and bear credit spreads (iron condor) with the charts

• The Setups for profiting from rangebound Iron Condors and why they are easier to trade then picking the direction in stocks

• How to determine quality patterns and how to manage them successfully

• Watch us live scan for new Iron Condor trade setups and discuss what to look for in trading them in overall patterns

• Trading Condors using Master Trader Strategies (MTS) applies to trading or investing in any Index, ETF, Currency or Commodity in any time frame


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